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Olivier Rousseau
5 July 2023 2 min read

Discover a Canadian-based platform that offers an alternative to Google Forms, with all of your data stored in Canada.

Activity Messenger lets you easily create forms with the same basic functionality as Google Forms. The platform offers a host of advanced features such as bulk SMS, email marketing, attendance tracking and digital signatures.

And unlike Google Forms, Activity Messenger integrates with tools you already know and love, such as Canva, ChatGPT, Stripe and Zoom.

In this article, we’ll compare the similarities and differences between Activity Messenger and Google Forms.

The similarities with Google Forms:

  • Ease of use
  • Collaboration
  • Customization
  • Data analysis

The differences? Activity Messenger:

  • Offers Canadian-based customer service
  • Is a bilingual platform
  • Stores your data in Quebec (in compliance with Bill 25)
  • SMS and newsletter capabilities
  • Integrates with Canva and ChatGPT

Similarities between Google Forms and Activity Messenger

Quick and easy design

Google Forms and Activity Messenger are user-friendly and intuitive, enabling users to create forms quickly with a drag-and-drop interface. You can easily create a form in a few minutes with different question types, such as multiple choice, checkbox and text fields. One difference is that Activity messenger offers many more question types than google forms.
You can even add multiple classes to a single form.

Allows collaboration

Like Google Forms, Activity Messenger offers response analysis and data extraction for all your forms. This enables you to discover more about your participants’ experience. With detailed reporting and comprehensive analysis, you can make informed decisions and better understand your clients.


Google Forms and Activity Messenger offer several options for customizing the form to suit the needs of your business or organization. You can personalize the appearance of your forms by adding images or videos. Conditional logic can be used to show or hide questions based on respondents’ previous answers.

Data analysis

Google Forms provides basic analysis tools. It automatically generates summary graphs and charts to visualize response data. Activity Messenger provides detailed reports, enabling you to quickly analyze the responses received.

Differences between Google Forms and Activity Messenger

Customer service in Canada

Google forms doesn’t offer customer support, unlike Activity Messenger, which offers 100% Canadian-based customer service. You can talk to an English or French-speaking expert to help you and better answer your questions.

Bilingual platform

Activity Messenger is bilingual. All our forms, options and questions are available in both French and English. No translation is required. Unlike Google forms, there’s no trace of English when using the platform in French.

Sending bulk SMS

Google forms specializes solely in form design. Activity Messenger offers you several other possibilities, such as sending mass SMS/Text to your respondents. Often used for last-minute communications and when a form is mandatory.

Data storage

Activity Messenger stores all your data in Montreal. This ensures greater protection for your organization and your respondents. Activity Messenger complies with the strictest privacy standards and ensures compliance with Bill 25.

Canva and ChatGPT integration

Another interesting advantage? Our integration with Canva and ChatGPT. You can create and customize images, graphics, descriptions and even questions without ever leaving Activity Messenger.

This makes it easier for you to maintain your brand image in your forms and communications with clients.

Sending emails and newsletters

Activity Messenger is also a Canadian-based alternative to MailChimp. Activity Messenger lets you keep in touch with your subscribers and people who respond to your forms. Additionally, you can automate a wide range of communications, such as:

  • Confirmation or welcome emails
  • Scheduled emails according to the start date of an activity
  • Scheduled outreach based on a response date
  • End of session emails

Much more than forms

Activity Messenger also offers other features to help you manage your business.

Among the most popular are:

Activity Messenger offers you simple yet powerful functionalities, in one platform designed for Canadian-based SMEs, NPOs and organizations. We help you simplify and automate your business processes in a single tool.

Differences between Google Forms and Activity Messenger

Activity Messenger Google Forms
Conditional Logic
Email/SMS outreac
Canva & ChatGPT integration
Take online payments
Client support in Canada

Comparison table

Activity Messenger is easy to use, and lets you recreate (and improve) your Google Forms. The platform is local, French-speaking and tailored to the needs of Quebec SMEs and organizations. Your data is stored in Quebec and complies with Bill 25 on the protection of personal information. Need help? You can count on our 100% Quebec customer service.

And you can also replace other tools such as Mailchimp, Survey Monkey, SmartWaiver, IClassPro and Jackrabbit.

Written by Olivier Rousseau Olivier is a Sportball Franchise owner who has been operating for over 10 years with locations in Montreal, Quebec city & Ottawa while also coaching business owners as Sports Marketing Consultant.

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