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Olivier Rousseau
2 August 2023 2 min read

When you think of online registration platforms for the Sports & Leisure industry, Jackrabbit, IClassPro, Active and DanceStudioPro are often the first options that come to mind.

But, since 2019, a modern alternative has made its place on the Class management & online registration software market: Activity Messenger.

Activity Messenger offers a online registration for gymnastics clubs, dance studio, cheer club, martial arts and swim schools across North America.

The difference?

In addition to simplifying and customizing the registration process, Activity Messenger offers unique features that allow you to optimize and automate communications with your participants and families.

Activity Messenger is simple, modern and also allows you to replace SurveyMonkey, MailChimp, SmartWaiver, GoogleForms and Eventbrite.

In this article, we’ll compare the similarities and differences between Activity Messenger and other online class management platforms.

Simply looking to build a registration form?
Learn how to create a registration form for Dance, Swim or Gymnastics


Similarities between the platforms:

  • Online registrations and payments
  • Memberships and subscriptions
  • Attendance Tracking
  • Facility and rental management

The differences? Activity Messenger:

  • Personalized Communications
  • Conditional Logic – Configure to your needs
  • Allows sending SMS and newsletters
  • Integrates with ChatGPT and Canva
  • Automates repetitive tasks
  • Online form builder (eliminates 99% of your paper documents)


Registration platform: Similarities


Online registration and payments

Just like Jackrabbit, IClassPro and DanceStudioPro, Activity Messenger simplifies online registration, payment, and monthly tuition, making your work more efficient and eliminating manual tasks.

Activity Messenger also allows you to optimize the customer experience through secure and fast payments.
How to create an online registration form

Configure your registration process according to your needs

Activity Messenger doesn’t have a rigid framework to follow for your online store or activity programming. The platform is 100% configurable thanks to the “Drag-&-Drop” feature on forms, communications and even to create your online store.


Memberships and Affiliations

Are you looking to simplify the management of members and subscription renewals?

With Activity Messenger, you can easily track your members’ affiliation, the activities they participate in, and their contact and payment information. It’s a centralized system that makes managing your members easier and more organized.

Simplify membership and subscription management

Activity Messenger allows you to:


Attendance Management

Activity Messenger allows you to easily manage your attendance lists. You’ll know who is present at each class, event, activity or camp, allowing you to monitor attendance and ensure the safety of participants.

How to create an online attendance sheet?

You can import an Excel file into the registration platform. We have a simple-to-use import that allows you to import all the details of your attendance list.

When you take online registrations with Activity Messenger, attendance lists are created automatically. All you’ll need to do to is give limited access to the right staff.

Activity Messenger allows you to:

  • Track attendance with a smartphone
  • Give limited access to staff
  • Export lists to print
  • Add notes and track time of arrival and departure
  • Compare the attendance list with the completion of a form (camp medical form, online waiver, permission slip)


Facility and rental management

Facility management is an important aspect of running your business. But this feature is often complicated to use in most class management software.

Activity Messenger offers an intuitive calendar that gives you an overview of your classes and rentals, enabling you to easily manage your bookings and optimize the use of your facility.

Thanks to our booking system, you can also say goodbye to endless email exchanges to confirm reservations.

And when it comes to signing contracts, everything is done electronically. All you have to do is send your pre-filled rental contracts by email or SMS, and your customers can sign it and finalize payment right from their smartphone.


Activity Messenger: The differences


Personalize and automate your communications

While other online registration softwares offer basic communications tools, Activity Messenger makes it a priority, offering a range of Mailmerge fields and configurations to personalize your marketing and non-marketing outreach.

Activity Messenger offers you over 80 Mailmerge fields. You can personalize an email or SMS with the participant’s name, class start date and time, activity name and more.

Here’s an example of a start of session reminder email.

Activity Messenger lets you personalize and automate


Conditional Logic – Online registration that fit your needs

Finding the right camp or activity in your online store feels like looking for a needle in a haystack? You often find yourself on the phone guiding parents or participants to the right class? Well, not anymore!

Simply add conditional logic to customize your registration process according to each family’s unique needs. It’s a bit like if you were on the phone with each client guiding them to the right class. But the system does it for you.

This feature allows you to tailor the online registration form to the customer’s choices, presenting only those questions and options relevant to their personal context, schedule and needs. For example, if a customer selects their child’s age as 6-8, only courses for 6-8 year olds will be displayed.

Activity Messenger lets you create a registration process that adapts to:

  • Age of participant
  • Type of activity
  • Location
  • Participant level
  • Type of affiliation or membership
  • Preferential pricing
  • Day of the week

Sending SMS/Text messages and newsletters

With Activity Messenger, you can send text messages and newsletters to your families, members and participants. You can personalize, schedule and even automate your outreach according to the start/end date of your session or activity.

Activity Messenger lets you:

  • Send newsletters (MailChimp alternative)
  • Send bulk SMS to a selected list
  • Send text messages to participants who have not opened an email.
  • Automate session start/end reminders
  • Quickly notify participants by SMS of cancellations and last-minute changes

Online registration platforms on the market often fall short when it comes to optimizing communication with families and participants.

They offer poorly adapted communication tools that still require the use of other tools such as Gmail, Outlook, MailChimp and SimpleTexting.

Activity Messenger offers the right communications and automations for all your needs in a single tool.


Registration Software that integrates with Canva and ChatGPT

Thanks to our integration with Canva, you can create your designs without ever leaving Activity Messenger.

The integration not only saves you time, but also lets you work with a tool you’re already familiar with. Maintaining a consistent brand image becomes child’s play. Great for your email marketing, end-of-session surveys and bulk certificates to participants.

You can easily align branding across your registration process and communications to fir with your brand image your social media and your website.

Online registration software using AI (ChatGPT)

Using our ChatGPT integration, administrative and communications tasks become much simpler. ChatGPT integrates directly into our class management platform, allowing you to:

  • Quickly turn a draft into a finished text.
  • Write or improve the description of your classes, activities and surveys.
  • Find content ideas for your newsletters and communications

Automate repetitive tasks

Activity Messenger lets you automate digital waivers, subscription renewals, surveys, start-of-session reminders, prorated tuition  and more.

You’ll actually spend less time on repetitive tasks, while offering a more personalized service to each and every participant.

It’s a bit like having an extra employee that makes sure every client receives the right information at the right time. By automating your communications, you save time, avoid errors and build customer loyalty.

4 tasks every organization can automate


Online form builder

Most online registration platforms are limited to only serving your registration processes and class offering. This means you still need to turn to paper-and-pen, Google Forms or even paid solutions such as JotForms or SurveyMonkey.

Activity Messenger does things differently. Included in every subscription is a drag-and-drop form generator that lets you replace 99% of your paper documents or GoogleForms.

Here are a few examples of the forms our customers have created for their participants and employees.
(which do not require the customer to log in)

Online registration software that adapts to your needs, not the other way around

An online registration platform often has a very strict framework that you have to follow to push your programs online. It’s not really possible to personalize to the needs of each organization. You end up making compromise to fit the software requirements.

Personalized registration process for every client

Activity Messenger modernizes online registration and lets you customize how you sell activities, memberships and camps to suit your preferences and needs. It’s no longer up to you to adapt, but up to the platform to help streamline registrations according to the unique needs of each organization.

While this article lists some of Activity Messenger’s unique features, we’re well aware that you have other needs when it comes to managing your organization.

That’s why Activity Messenger offers many other features, such as

  • Virtual Gift Cards
  • End-of-session survey
  • Instalment payments
  • Equipment management
  • Booking and private lessons
  • Bulk certificates
  • Online ticket sale
  • Online donations
  • Financial reporting
  • and much more

Written by Olivier Rousseau Olivier is a kids sports programs owner who has been operating for over a decade with locations in Montreal, Quebec city & Ottawa. He also helps Gymnastics Club, Swim Schools and Dance Studios streamline their operations. He is the co-founder of Activity Messenger an online registration platform for the sports & leisure industry.

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