Best Tools to Grow and Manage Your Gymnastics or Cheerleading Club

Olivier Rousseau
23 May 2024 Gymnastics 2 min read

How do you grow and manage a Gymnastics or Cheerleading Club?

That’s a pretty big question with many facets to consider, but having the right tools to market your classes, automate operations, manage staff, and retain students session after session is crucial.

In this article, we’ll explore the essential tools that every gymnastics, tumbling and cheerleading club owner should have to grow and keep their club running smoothly.

We’ll discuss different tools and highlight the best options available on the market.

DISCLAIMER: Activity Messenger is our product. We created it because we struggled for years with the shortcomings of existing online registration software and how we need to complement them with external tools. So we built a platform to be able to replace the following tools in an all-in-one platform.


Author’s note: I’m Olivier and I share insights and strategies I’ve collected over the past decade as the owner of a children’s sports program. I’ve personally tested and utilized the tools mentioned here before transitioning to Activity Messenger for my organization. Today, as the co-founder of Activity Messenger, I help hundreds of gymnastics, cheerleading and tumbling clubs across North America streamline their operations and increase their revenue.

Newsletter Tool

Communication is key and not just on the floor, but in marketing as well.

An email marketing tool like Mailchimp, ConstantContact or Activity Messenger, helps you send branded newsletters to keep your community informed about upcoming classes, events and local competitions

With intuitive design tools and automation features, an email marketing tool can help you maintain a consistent connection with your athletes and parents, ensuring your club stays top of mind.

Key Features:

  • Simple drag-and-drop tools to create branded email marketing with Canva integration.
  • List-building and segmentation tools to target the right families and athletes at the right time.
  • Marketing automation to enhance retention rates and attract new gymnasts to your club.

Email Marketing for Gymnastics Club


📌 Pro tip: Activity Messenger is the only email marketing platform that allows for non-marketing emails such as start-of-session reminders, end-of-session outreach and rescheduling or cancellation emails. This way, people who opt out of your marketing emails still get the important and non-promotional messages.

Employee Management Tool

Streamlining your club’s employee management is crucial, and using tools like BambooHR or Activity Messenger can improve your workplace efficiency. These tools make staff management easier by organizing employee information, from optimizing recruitment processes, staff evaluation forms to tracking the completion of important documents.

Key Staff Management Features:

  • PTO management allows employees to easily manage and schedule their time off and provides instant updates to managers.
  • Applicant tracking streamlines the hiring process, helping you find and retain top talent.
  • Securely store signed hiring documents in your database.

With mobile-friendly staff management tools, staying connected with your team is simple.

Employee Management Tool for gymnastics



📌 Pro tip: Bamboo HR can be very expensive, especially for organizations with a large number of part-time employees. Activity Messenger is designed (and priced) for gymnastics, cheerleading and tumbling clubs, that employ part-time and seasonal staff.

Bulk Certificate Tool for Gyms

Celebrating success and participation can help your gymnastics community motivated.

Mass certificate tools like CertifySimple, Certifier, or Activity Messenger help you create customized bulk certificates to celebrate your athletes milestones.

These can be awarded for various achievements, such as completing a level, completing an outstanding task, or simply participating in their first gymnastics session. These tools allow clubs to automate the process of creating and emailing these certificates.

Key Features:

  • Integrated mass personalization mail merge.
  • Share personalized certificates via bulk emails or bulk print to hand them out in person
  • Some tools, like Activity Messenger, offer full integration with Canva for your designs.

How to create and send bulk certificates for Gymnastics


📌 Pro tip:  Selecting a bulk certificate tool that integrates with (or is included with) your Gymnastics Club Management Software is critical to streamline your workflows and eliminate the need to upload files from one tool to another.

Gymnastics Club Registration Software

An online registration tool like JackRabbit, IClassPro, or Activity Messenger can help simplify the registration experience for your athletes and parents. Make sure your registration form is user-friendly and simple to fill out from a smartphone.

Key Features:

  • Online registration and secure payments for gymnastics club
  • Automated billing for recurring memberships or payment plans
  • Landing page to easily find the right class
  • Confirmation email and automated communications

Learn more: How to improve your online registration process on mobile)

Gymnastics registration form


📌 Pro tip: Most gymnastics and cheer club software is outdated and doesn’t perform well, especially on mobile devices. With the majority of parents now registering their children for activities on their smartphones, it’s important to select a registration platform that prioritizes a mobile-first experience. Read more about the Best Modern Gymnastics Software on the market.

Bulk SMS/Texting Tool

For urgent or last-minute communications, a bulk SMS tool is invaluable for gymnastics club owners.

Cancellations and rescheduling are common occurrences for health clubs. In situations out of your control, quick SMS notifications can help minimize the frustration athletes and parents feel when last-minute changes occur.

SimpleTexting and Activity Messenger are options that help you communicate quickly via SMS with parents.

Key Features:

    • Send bulk SMS from your attendance lists
    • Being able to send mass texts to everyone registered in a class on a given day
    • Send an SMS only to participants who have not opened an important email sent a few days earlier
    • Waitlist management that sends an SMS to parents to ensure they receive the notification, increasing the likelihood of enrollment

How to send bulk/SMS to your gymnastics club

📌 Pro tip: You want to avoid overwhelming parents with too many SMS messages. However, SMS can be a vital part of your communication strategy, depending on the type of message.

Form Building Tool

Form-building tools like GoogleForms, Jotform, or Activity Messenger are invaluable for collecting information outside of your registration platform. They can be used to create job application forms, workshop registration forms, or even to collect information for custom training requests.

Key Features:

– Customizable with a simple drag-and-drop tool.
– Don’t require respondents to create an account, making it easier to complete.
– Include conditional logic to direct users to relevant questions based on their responses.

How to Create an Online Application Form for Gymnastics Instructor

Survey Tool for a Gymnastic Clubs

A tool like SurveyMonkey can provide valuable insights into your gymnastics community needs and wants. Use it to regularly collect feedback on satisfaction, coach evaluations, and potential new class offerings. Offering small incentives, like a chance to win a free session, can help increase survey participation.

Key Features:

  • Include different question types such as multiple choice, text entry, star ratings, and radio button grids.
  • Distribute surveys through social media, QR codes, or direct outreach via email or SMS.
  • Analyze data by specific exercise class or category, identify common feedback trends, and use the insights to make targeted improvements.

How to create a survey for gymnastics


📌 Pro tip: As a club operator, I’ve streamlined feedback collection by automating surveys with Activity Messenger. Now I can focus on analyzing the data and making the necessary adjustments with my team instead of remembering and manually sending out surveys.

Competition ticket sale tool

An online ticketing tool like Eventbrite, or Activity Messenger helps you sell tickets online for your gymnastics events and local competitions.

With just a few clicks, attendees can select their tickets, agree to terms and conditions, and digitally sign a liability waiver.

Key Features:

  • Easy ticket sales with no account creation required.
  • Each attendee receives a branded digital ticket that can be scanned at the door with a smartphone.
  • Automate personalized event reminders via SMS or email.

Gymnastics Competition Ticket Sale


Kids Party Booking Tool

With a party booking tool like Activity Messenger, Bookeo, PartyPro Manager, booking kids’ birthday parties at your gymnastics club is streamlined using an automated workflow. Clearly display packages and pricing on your website, and and let the tool automate the rest

Key Features:

  • Easy booking process with required deposits and automated balance payments.
  • Create personalized invitations for parents to send to guests.
  • Digital waivers and attendance tracking

Birthday party workflow


📌 Pro tip: Activity Messenger can boost your party bookings using a marketing automation. You can schedule a marketing email to be sent to parents 6 to 8 weeks before their child’s birthday, precisely when they’re starting to plan the celebration.

Athlete Progress reports

A skill tracking tool such as My SkillChart or Activity Messenger allows gymnastics coaches to efficiently monitor and share the progress of each test. This helps keep track of progress and areas that need improvement. A regular evaluation system helps to monitor progress and open communication with students and parents.

Key Features:

  • Record important information such as the gymnast’s name, class, and discipline.
  • Define clear, color-coded evaluation criteria
  • Customize and add details to meet your club’s specific evaluation standards

Streamlined Gymnast Evaluation Process

Digital Waivers for a Gymnastics Club

A liability waiver tool like Activity Messenger, SmartWaiver or WaiverForever is essential for streamlining the informed consent process and ensuring that gymnasts and their parents understand the risks associated with the sport.

While most gymnastics and cheer class management platforms offer waivers during registration, they often often lack an easy way to sign waivers for free trials, drop-ins, and birthday parties without the need to create an account.

Key Features:

  • Include checkboxes, participant and guardian information, and a digital signature.
  • Easily share with a unique QR code at your front desk or send a link via email/SMS.
  • Secure storage for all your data.

Include a waiver with digital signature to your gymnastics registration form

How Activity Messenger Replaces Multiple Tools

Activity Messenger is an all-in-one platform tailored to the unique needs of health clubs.

It brings together essential tools such as email marketing, staff management, registration and digital waivers into one unified platform.

Activity Messenger streamlines operations, improves communication and enhances the overall experience for everyone involved. By simplifying administrative tasks, we help hundreds of club owners focus more on their passion for gymnastics instead of administrative tasks that no one has time for.

Written by Olivier Rousseau Olivier is a kids sports programs owner who has been operating for over a decade with locations in Montreal, Quebec city & Ottawa. He also helps Gymnastics Club, Swim Schools and Dance Studios streamline their operations. He is the co-founder of Activity Messenger an online registration platform for the sports & leisure industry.

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