How to send personalized invitations with Canva (RSVP tracking)

Olivier Rousseau
17 October 2023 2 min read

Need to send personalized invitations for a birthday, party or event? Use Canva! The popular design platform makes it easy to create beautiful invitations quickly and easily.

With the help of Canva, you can create custom designs that are on brand and feel personalized for each customer. Let’s take a look at how you can use this platform to quickly create e-invitations.

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Event & Party booking platform

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Creating an e-invite design

The first step to creating invitations for your next event is to make sure you have a great design. Canva offers a variety of invitation templates that you can customize with your own text, images, logos, and more.

You’re not just limited to the basics; tap into a vast library stocked with thousands of images, fonts, and illustrations. Once your design’s locked in, you’re all set to send out your e-invites in bulk.

How do I make custom invitations in Canva?

This can be done in 3 easy steps:

  • Select the invitation design you created.
  • From the editor panel select Apps and then select bulk create.
  • Add bulk information manually or from a CSV uploaded list.


Sending personalized invitations by Email or SMS

Creating e-invites in Canva is great, but sending them individually via SMS or email is another story; it’s a hassle that requires a separate tool. That’s where Activity Messenger shines, as it’s fully integrated with Canva.

Stick to Canva for your design needs, but let Activity Messenger take over when it comes to the nitty-gritty of emailing or texting your invitations to guests. With Activity Messenger, you can

  • Create personalized mail merge invitations
  • Auto-populate names from a specified list of recipients
  • Send Canva invitations via email or SMS
  • Add an RSVP button (track attendance)
  • Bulk print invitations
  • Customize the RSVP form to collect digital waivers or other specific requirements (preferences, allergies)

📌 Pro Tip: Make sure to leave blank spaces where you want personalized details to appear. These are spots for the mail merge tags.


How to create Invitations using Mailmerge on Canva

Crafting invitations is a breeze with Canva, but what about personalizing and distributing those invitations to your guests? That’s where Activity Messenger steps in, seamlessly bridging the gap between design and distribution.

With the power of mail merge or dynamic placeholders, you can effortlessly fill in the necessary recipient details using Activity Messenger.

Mailmerge options include

  • Name of Guest
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Other personalized information

How do I add RSVP link to Canva?

Canva doesn’t offer an option to add a RSVP link to invitations. You have to use a separate tool, which makes the invitation process time-consuming. That is, unless you work with the Canva & Activity Messenger integration.

Adding a RSVP link to your E-invite

Simply add a “Count Me In” button to your invitation email/SMS. This button will add people to your guest list, but it can also serve multiple purposes.

Once clicked, it can open a digital waiver form, a menu for food preferences, or even a payment gateway for ticket purchases.

Beyond waivers, use this section to collect any other details you may need. Think dietary restrictions, T-shirt sizes for event merchandise, or seating preferences.


How to manage attendance lists for your event

Once someone confirms their attendance from the RSVP fom, they’re automatically added to your guest list within Activity Messenger.

This is invaluable for real-time tracking and planning logistics like seating arrangements or food quantities.

You can also communicate important information & automate reminders using the mobile guest list.

Activity Messenger doesn’t limit you to just email. You have the flexibility to send via SMS or use both channels to maximize reach. If your event is a recurring one, you can schedule these invites to go out at regular intervals.

No need to set reminders for yourself.

How to use Canva for birthday invitations

Activity Messenger also allows you to streamline online party booking for your kids activity center.

After filling out the booking form and paying the deposit, the parent who arranged the party will receive a special party invitation email to forward to their guests.

This email isn’t just a generic invitation; it’s pre-populated with important details like the birthday child’s name and the date and time of the party.

Create branded party invitations through Canva & include the child’s name, the theme of the party, and any other unique elements that make the event special.

The end result is a personalized invitation that will get everyone excited for the big day.

How to use E-invites as a marketing tool

Event invitations can serve a dual purpose: not only do they set the stage for a memorable event, but they can also serve as a marketing tool.

When you or you client sends out branded bulk invites, you’re enhancing the attendee experience while subtly advertising your services.

Prompt your invitees to share their invites on social media. Don’t underestimate the power of a shareable invitation. Every time someone gets excited about your upcoming event and shares it, you’re broadening your brand’s reach significantly.

Design an invite that people will be thrilled to show off and spark engagement by holding a contest—perhaps offering a chance to win a VIP experience if they share the invite on social media and tag your organization.


Make your e-invite process easier using Activity Messenger’s integration with Canva! No need to manually create multiple versions of invitations – all you have to do is design, personalize and send out invitations by email or SMS.

You’ll be able to customize countless batches of personalized invitations quickly & with minimal effort.

Click here to get started or book a demo with on of our experts.

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Written by Olivier Rousseau Olivier is a Sportball Franchise owner who has been operating for over 10 years with locations in Montreal, Quebec city & Ottawa while also coaching business owners as Sports Marketing Consultant.

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