Waitlist Automation for Camps, Classes and Activities

Olivier Rousseau
28 March 2024 CampsDanceGymnasticsSwim 2 min read

Customizing Waitlist Settings for Your Needs

Class management software such as Activity Messenger, IClassPro, or Jackrabbit help you automate the registration process, send automated notifications to waitlisted clients, and provide self-service options.

Organizations can customize queue automation settings to meet their specific needs.

Examples of customization include:

  • Personalization using Mailmerge for participant name, class name, etc.
  • Branded waitlist email template.
  • Email and SMS notifications (no more waitlisted clients saying they never saw your email)
  • Date and time limit before their place is given to the next person in line.
  • Ability to decline the sport, which immediately opens it up for the next person.

Branded Waitlist Notifications to Engage and Convert

You need to continue the engagement and sales process with waitlisted clients when a spot opens up. And an unbranded, boring notification isn’t going to cut it. Include images, links to blogs, testimonials, and other interesting aspects of why they should choose you.

A well-branded message reignites the potential client’s interest in registering for your class or camp. This notification is as much about selling the experience as it is about informing them that a spot has opened up.

Branded Waitlist Notifications to Engage and Convert

By maintaining a consistent and compelling brand presence across all communications, including waitlist notifications, potential clients are more likely to move from waitlist to active participant.

📌 Pro Tip: With Activity Messenger, you can use our Canva integration to bring the same visuals and content from your website and social media to all of your communications and registration forms, including your waitlist notification.

Setting up Automatic Notifications for Open Spots

You can use email and sms templates to create pre-designed messages that are automatically sent to waitlisted individuals when a spot becomes available.

In addition, camps can set the length of time an open spot remains open for acceptance or rejection.

By customizing the timing and duration of invitations, camps can provide relevant information to waitlisted clients in a timely manner and gain valuable insight into their waitlist process.

This ensures that the waitlist management system is optimized to meet the unique needs of each camp, swim lessons, gymnastics session and their potential clients.

Setting up Automatic Notifications for Open Spots

📌 Pro Tip: You’ll want to give potential clients enough time to register. Including the text message notification can help you shorten the time because people see it immediately and are much less likely to miss it than an email in their cluttered inbox. Also, as camp or your classes get closer, you may want to reduce the time given to make sure the sport is filled before the session starts.


Client Actions: Accept or Decline the spot

Waitlisted individuals are given the opportunity to accept or decline available seats once they receive the notifications that a spot has opened. Customers can decide whether or not to register at that time. If they decline, this triggers an automation to notify the next person on the waitlist.

This not only improves waitlisted clients satisfaction, but also simplifies the process for your administrative staff. This self-service functionality allows organizations to efficiently manage waitlists and ensure that available spots are filled promptly without even lifting a finger.

By reducing manual tasks and empowering customers, waitlist automation contributes to a more positive and efficient camp experience for both your staff and customers.

Client Actions: Accept or Decline the spot

Waitlist Notification template (Email & SMS)

Waitlist Notification Templates: Key Elements to Include

To ensure that your email and SMS waitlist notification templates are as effective as possible, include these essential components:

  1. Personalization: Start by addressing the recipient by name to immediately capture their attention and personalize the experience. This small detail can significantly increase engagement and open rates.
  2. Brand Identity: Integrate your logo, color scheme, and any other visual brand elements in email templates to reinforce brand recognition. For SMS, where visuals are not an option, maintain your brand’s voice and tone to ensure consistency across all communications.
  3. Clear Opportunity Announcement: Clearly state that a spot has become available and make it clear to potential clients that this is an exclusive (and time-sensitive) opportunity from their waitlist status. This creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity.
  4. Direct Call-to-Action (CTA): Include a CTA such as “Claim Your Spot Now” or “Register Here” that is easy to find. For SMS, use a short, trackable link that goes directly to the registration page.
  5. Deadline Urgency: Mention the time-sensitive nature of the opportunity by setting a clear deadline for action. This creates a sense of urgency and encourages quicker responses.
  6. Easy Opt-Out Option: Provide an easy way to opt out to expedite the process of sending a notification to the next person on your waitlist, ensuring you fill the available spot and don’t leave money on the table.
  7. Contact Information: Provide a way for waitlisted clients to contact you with questions or concerns, whether it’s a reply-to email address, a phone number, or a link to a contact form. This can increase trust and comfort in completing the registration.

Waitlist Notification template (Email & SMS)

📌 Pro Tip: By carefully integrating these elements into your waitlist notification templates, you create compelling messages that not only engage but help convert waitlisted individuals into active participants for you camp, dance studios, swim school or gymnastics club.

Monitor and Manage the Waitlist

To optimize the effectiveness of your waitlist, it’s crucial to implement a robust monitoring and management system. Here are a few actionable strategies to enhance your waitlist management:

  1. Use a Centralized Waitlist System: Adopt a comprehensive platform Class Management Platform that allows you to view and manage your waitlist in real-time. This system should enable you to easily add, remove, and reorder participants based on your criteria, ensuring fairness and efficiency.
  2. Analyze Waitlist Trends: Review your waitlist data regularly to identify trends, such as peak enrollment times or high-demand classes. Use these insights to adjust your offerings, scheduling, or marketing strategies accordingly.
  3. Offer Alternative Options: For those who may remain on the waitlist, consider offering alternative classes, sessions, or resources. This not only keeps them engaged with your organization, but also demonstrates your commitment to meeting their interests.
  4. Solicit Feedback: Engage with waitlisted individuals to gather feedback on their experience. This can provide valuable insight into how to improve your waitlist process and increase overall customer satisfaction.

By implementing these strategies, you not only maximize your capacity but also enhances the experience for all participants, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat engagements.

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Impact of Waitlist Automation for Camps

Waitlist automation has real-world implications for camps, dance studios, swim schools, and gymnastics clubs. It provides a fair and efficient online registration process for people who end up on the waitlist.

Benefits of Automating the Waitlist Process

  • Operational efficiency: Automation streamlines the waitlist management process, reducing manual tasks and saving time for camp managers.
  • Effective communication: Automatic notifications ensure that waitlisted individuals receive timely updates and important information, improving communication between camp managers and potential campers.
  • Fill open spots faster: Waitlist automation improves the overall booking rate of camps and classes, which has a direct impact on your bottom line
  • 24/7 autonomous management: Client can accept or decline a spot outside of office hours and finalize payments and registrations
  • Customer satisfaction: Waitlist automation provides a transparent and organized system, enhancing the overall camp experience and increasing customer satisfaction.

More tools for your camp, classes & activities

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does waitlist automation improve efficiency for camp & class managers?

Waitlist automation improves efficiency by streamlining the waitlist management process, reducing manual tasks, and providing timely updates to prospective customers. This allows Camps, Swim Schools and Dance Studios to focus on other important tasks and ensures a more efficient registration process.

Can organizations customize the waitlist automation settings?

Yes, organizations can customize automation settings to meet their specific needs and preferences. Class & Camp management software like Activity Messenger allows organizations to customize automation settings, such as notification template and timing.

Automatic waitlist notifications – what are the benefits?

Automated waitlist notifications ensure effective communication by sending timely updates on open spots and other important information. This keeps waitlisted individuals informed and engaged throughout the registration process, improving their overall experience.

How does waitlist self-service improve the registration process?

Self-service waitlist options enhance the enrollment process by allowing families to manage their waitlist status and make decisions about available slots. This reduces administrative tasks for administrative staff and gives prospective clients more control over their enrollment process.

What steps should be taken to successfully implement waitlist automation?

To implement waitlist automation successfully, organizations should consider staff training, strategic planning, and a comprehensive understanding of their specific requirements. This includes developing a strategic plan for waitlist management, and ensuring that the automation system aligns with the camp’s, dance studio’s or swim school’s goals and objectives.

Written by Olivier Rousseau Olivier is a kids sports programs owner who has been operating for over a decade with locations in Montreal, Quebec city & Ottawa. He also helps Gymnastics Club, Swim Schools and Dance Studios streamline their operations. He is the co-founder of Activity Messenger an online registration platform for the sports & leisure industry.

Waitlist Automation for Camps, Classes and Activities

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