Summer Camp Medical Forms

Olivier Rousseau
14 February 2024 Camps 2 min read

How to create a Summer Camp Medical Form

In this article, we’ll talk about how summer camps can create online medical forms to collect important information from campers and families.

  1. Create an online medical form
  2. How to customize the form
  3. How to ensure emergency preparedness
  4. Conditional branching to streamline the process
  5. Document uploads
  6. Optimize the Parent Experience
  7. Follow-up Strategies
  8. Leverage Data for Camp Safety

Create an online medical form

Before you get started, it’s important to determine the type of information you want to collect.

Start with basic camper information such as name, date of birth, gender, and address.

If you’ve already collected basic information during registration, integrate that data to pre-populate fields to reduce redundancy and save parents time.

A platform like Activity Messenger is designed with non-technical users in mind. You can easily drag and drop different questions to customize your medical form.

Create an online medical form

How to customize the form

We recommend that you divide your form into sections such as allergies, medical conditions, and medications.

This organization makes it easier for parents to provide accurate information. Using drop-down or check boxes for common allergies and medical conditions helps with standardization.

You can then quickly identify and filter campers with special needs. This is important for camp preparation, but also for responding quickly to emergency situations.

It’s also important to add open-ended options so parents can provide context for each answer.

How to customize the form


Ensure Emergency Preparedness

We must hope for the best, but be prepared in case of an emergency. That’s why you need to add fields for primary and secondary emergency contacts. This will ensure that all possible scenarios are covered.

Activity Messenger allows you to ask these questions and also gives parents the ability to add as many emergency contacts as they want.

You may also want to include a mandatory electronic signature and consent checkboxes to comply with legal requirements and confirm parental understanding and consent.

Ensure Emergency Preparedness

Include Conditional Branching

Adding conditional branching allows the form to populate the correct questions based on previous answers. For example, if a parent indicates that a child has allergies, follow-up questions can capture more details such as type, severity, and required actions.

This helps keep the form concise for those without complex medical histories, while still capturing detailed information when needed.

Conditional Branching in camp medical forms

Simplify Document Uploads

You might want include sections for uploading relevant medical documents or images. This allows you collect all information and documents in the same place ensuring you have all information needed in case of emergency.

Simplify Document Uploads


Optimize the Parent Experience

It’s important to design a form that’s intuitive and mobile-friendly so parents can complete it on any device. You’ll want to include clear, concise instructions to guide parents through the form, reducing errors, incomplete submissions, and support needs on your end.

All Activity Messenger forms are mobile-first, making it easy for parents to fill them out from their smartphone. You can also allow parents to save the form and return to it later if they are unable to complete the form the first time.


Implement Follow-up Strategies

You don’t want to chase after parents to fill out their child’s medical form. That’s why Activity Messenger does it for you. You can use the platform’s built-in email and SMS features to share the form. Personalize messages to increase engagement and response rates.

Automated reminders to parents who have not yet completed the medical form

Set up a system to automatically remind those who haven’t completed the form, reducing manual follow-up. You can schedule email/SMS reminders, but only to parents who have not completed the form.

Implement Follow-up Strategies


You’ll also want to have a plan for collecting forms from late registrants or those who missed previous communications.
Adding a QR code at the entrance to camp is a great way to collect medical forms on the first day of camp when the child is dropped off.

Leverage Data for Camp Safety

Use Activity Messenger’s filtering capabilities to quickly sort and identify campers by specific criteria, such as allergies or medical conditions.

Medical information can be added to your camp attendance list for real-time access by camp counselors. This ensures that all camp staff are aware of and prepared to handle campers’ medical needs.

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  1. What is an online medical form for camps? An online medical form digitally collects camper health information, including medical history, allergies, and emergency contacts, streamlining the process for parents and camp administrators.
  2. Why are online medical forms preferred over paper forms for camps? Online forms provide greater accessibility, easier updates, and more efficient storage and retrieval of health information, improving camp safety and preparedness.
  3. What information should be included in an online medical form for camps? Include sections on personal health history, current medications, allergies, immunization records, special medical conditions, emergency contacts and guardian consent for emergency treatment.
  4. Can online medical forms be customized for each camp’s specific needs? Yes, platforms like Activity Messenger allow for customization to include camp specific questions, activity related questions, and health policy compliance.
  5. How can parents and guardians access and complete the online medical form? Camps typically provide a secure link or portal where parents can log in, complete and submit the form, often with the ability to save their progress. These questions can also be included during the registration process.

Written by Olivier Rousseau Olivier is a kids sports programs owner who has been operating for over a decade with locations in Montreal, Quebec city & Ottawa. He also helps Gymnastics Club, Swim Schools and Dance Studios streamline their operations. He is the co-founder of Activity Messenger an online registration platform for the sports & leisure industry.

Create an online medical form for your camps

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