Email Marketing for Gymnastics Club

Olivier Rousseau
10 January 2024 Gymnastics 2 min read

Email Marketing for Gymnastics Club

When choosing an email marketing platform for a gymnastics club, the options can be overwhelming.

Traditional favorites like MailChimp and Constant Contact have been the go-to choices, but now Activity Messenger offers a specialized solution tailored for gymnastics clubs.

In this article, we’ll explore the specifics of creating and sending successful email marketing campaigns for gymnastics clubs using Activity Messenger.

We’ll discuss how to:

  1. Create a Newsletters for your Gymnastics Club
  2. Integrate your Canva Designs
  3. Use email marketing to increase engagement with your gymnastics community
  4. Start & end-of-session reminders, Party Marketing and more
  5. Mailchimp Alternative for Gymnastics club

About the author: Hi! My name is Olivier and for over a decade now, I’ve been managing a children’s sports programs. I love email marketing to grow my business. Unfortunately most email marketing tools weren’t created with our industry in mind and became costly as my list kept getting bigger. Using an email marketing platform dedicated to sports and recreation has changed how we do business by offering so much more than email marketing services.

Activity Messenger is also a complete Gymnastics Club Software and an alternative to IclassPro, Uplifter and Jackrabbit.

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Create a Newsletters for your Gymnastics Club

Creating a newsletter for your gymnastics club is a straightforward three-step process:

  1. Open the email template editor (choose to begin from scratch or select a template specifically designed for Gymnastics Clubs).
  2. Develop an engaging newsletter for your gymnastics students, utilizing our integrations with Canva and ChatGPT for creative and compelling content.
  3. Distribute your newsletter to your subscribers and amplify its reach by sharing it on social media platforms.

Email Marketing for Gymnastics Club

Integrating with tools like Canva and ChatGPt

Email Marketing and Newsletters for Gymnastics Club with Canva

Activity Messenger and Canva integrate to help you work faster and keep your visual branding consistent.

Canva integration for Gymnastics Club

Activity Messenger improves newsletters for gymnastics clubs with free ChatGPT integration

AI for Gymnastics Club helps you:

  1. Turn drafts into polished content: Quickly turn emails into structured, engaging ideas that resonate with your gymnastics community
  2. Correct grammar and spelling: Ensure your newsletters are polished and error-free
  3. Copy optimization: Refine your existing content to improve clarity
  4. Creative Inspiration: Spark new ideas for future newsletters or gym content

Increase engagement within your gymnastics community through email marketing

How Activity Messenger streamlines email marketing for gymnastics club owners:

  1. Understand Your Audience: In a gymnastics club context, this could include current and prospective students, parents, and staff. Tailoring your content to these specific groups boosts relevance and engagement.
  2. Integrate Placeholders (Mailmerge): You should include details like the recipient’s name, their enrolled class, or upcoming events of interest.
  3. Segment Your List: Organize your email list into segments based on criteria such as age groups, types of classes (like artistic gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline), or past event participation.
  4. Incorporate Rich Media: Enrich your newsletters with images and videos that showcase your club’s activities. This could be photos from recent competitions, training sessions, or clips of new routines.
  5. Create Engaging Content: Share news about upcoming classes, highlight student achievements, provide staff insights, or offer gymnastics tips to help nurture a sense of community within your club.


📌 Pro Tip: A marketing strategy we now use is to temporarily exclude members already enrolled in an upcoming session from receiving certain marketing emails. This reduces the frequency of emails a client get. We’ve have seen an impressive impact on improving open rates and reducing unsubscribe rates since we started doing this.

Start & end-of-session reminders, party marketing and more

Unlike MailChimp, Activity Messenger can help you communicate with your gymnastics community beyond email marketing.

Start of Session Reminder

A reminder at the beginning of a session has become a fundamental aspect of the customer experience. This reminder is particularly important for families who have registered well in advance and new families that have just started at your club.

Start of Session Email Template

Start of session reminder for Gymnastics Club

Personalization: Add placeholders that automatically populate with each recipient’s specific registration details.
Timing: Schedule the email to be sent 5-7 days prior to the start of the session
Key Information: Include essential details such as the location, start date and time, name of the activity, and a checklist of items to bring on the first day.


End of Gymnastics Session Reminder

As the gymnastics session nears its conclusion, a reminder is highly beneficial for participants. It aids in eliminating any confusion and keeps everyone informed about the upcoming end of the session.

End of Session Email for Gymnastics Club Template:

End of session reminder for Gymnastics Club

Engagement: Highlight your upcoming session and include a satisfaction survey to collect valuable feedback.
Timing: Send 4-5 days before the end of the session
Essential Details: Clearly state the date of the final class, include a link to a survey and  a call-to-action to sign up for next session
Extra: Include an end-of-session certificate to celebrate your participants’ accomplishments.


Birthday Party Marketing Automation for Gymnastics Clubs

(Note: This is relevant if your gymnastics club offers birthday party services for children.)

Create an impactful marketing strategy for your gymnastics club’s birthday parties. The crucial aspect is to align your marketing efforts with the time parents begin planning their child’s birthday celebration.

Birthday Party Marketing Email Template for Gymnastics Clubs

Party Marketing strategy for Dance Studios

Automated Timing: Set the email to automatically send 4-6 weeks prior to the child’s birthday.
Personal Touch: Personalize the email by including the child’s name.
Party information: Showcase your gymnastics birthday party packages, and include a link for bookings

📌 Pro Tip: Once we implemented these communication strategies with our community, we quickly noticed a spike in customer satisfaction and retention, and saw customer support emails and calls drop by 40%.

Mailchimp Alternative for Gymnastics Club

Pricing plays a crucial role in the selection of email marketing platforms.

Activity Messenger offers a more budget-friendly solution for gymnastics clubs looking to leverage email marketing.

Email Marketing Pricing for Gymnastics Clubs:

  • Activity Messenger:
    • Stable pricing, no matter the subscriber count.
    • More than just email marketing, including gymnastics event tickets, registration forms, surveys, digital waivers, and bulk certificates.
  • Traditional Platforms (e.g., MailChimp, Constant Contact):
    • Higher charges for comparable services.
    • Prices increase as your subscriber base grows.
    • Lacks specific features tailored for gymnastics clubs.

Activity Messenger stands out as a straightforward, no-contract option.

Its user-friendly interface, transparent pricing without hidden fees, and easy management of email campaigns make it an ideal choice for gymnastics clubs aiming to streamline their operations.

More tools for Gymnastics

This article has focused on how Activity Messenger can help streamline and reduce the cost of email marketing for Gymnastics. But the platform can do much more for your Gymnastics Club.

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What are the benefits of email marketing for gymnastics clubs?

Email marketing is an effective tool for building a community, communicating with gymnasts and their parents, and reaching out cost-effectively. It enables targeted promotions, updates on classes, and fosters direct connections with both parents and students, thereby enhancing engagement and retention.

What is the best email marketing tool for gymnastics clubs?

The top choice for gymnastics clubs is Activity Messenger. It stands out from platforms like Mailchimp and ConstantContact by offering features specifically designed for gymnastics clubs, seamless integration with Canva for design purposes, and personalized communication capabilities.

How can I build an effective email list for my gymnastics club?

  • Include opt-in options on your website.
  • Promote your newsletter on social media.
  • Place a QR code at the front desk for easy newsletter sign-ups.
  • Offer a free ebook or resource as an incentive for subscribing.

What type of content should gymnastics clubs include in their newsletter?

A newsletter for a gymnastics club should feature updates on classes, new blog posts, spotlights on gymnasts, upcoming events, and helpful tips.

How often should gymnastics clubs send out marketing emails?

The frequency of emails should strike a balance between regular communication and the risk of overwhelming your subscribers. This balance can be achieved by segmenting your emails into marketing and non-marketing categories and by considering the preferences and statuses of your gymnastics students.

Can email marketing aid in retaining gymnastics students?

Reminders are a valuable tool for retention. Personalized and targeted emails can significantly improve student retention by providing timely information about the most suitable classes for each student’s level.


Written by Olivier Rousseau Olivier is a kids sports programs owner who has been operating for over a decade with locations in Montreal, Quebec city & Ottawa. He also helps Gymnastics Club, Swim Schools and Dance Studios streamline their operations. He is the co-founder of Activity Messenger an online registration platform for the sports & leisure industry.

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