Summer Camp Survey & Feedback Form

Olivier Rousseau
18 March 2024 Camps 2 min read

In this article, we’ll explore how to create, share, and analyze surveys or feedback forms at the end of a summer camp week.

Topics we’ll cover:

  1. How to create an online survey for a Summer Camp
  2. Sharing your feedback form with Campers and Families
  3. Automate surveys to help capture your campers experience
  4. Analyzing the Data
  5. Summer camp feedback form template

Creating a survey for your summer Camp

Use Canva to create your summer camp feedback form

Create visually appealing, branded surveys for your summer camp using the power of Canva and Activity Messenger.

Below is your step-by-step guide:

  1. Start in Activity Messenger: Select the survey or feedback form template in the form builder.
  2. Get creative with Canva: Include your dance studio’s branding using Canva’s vast library of images, fonts and design elements.
  3. Finalize and merge your design: After creating your form, effortlessly merge it with Activity Messenger for final tweaks and adjustments.

Summer Camp Survey

How to create questions for your camp feedback form

There are more than 80 question types to choose from. Customize your camp feedback form to get the most accurate results:

Multiple choice and open response questions: Ideal for collecting both numeric and descriptive feedback about the activities, counselors, and amenities at your camp.
Star ratings & Likert scales: Quickly and easily rate overall camp enjoyment and detail specific camp experiences.

How to create questions for your camp feedback form


Note: These guidelines apply to create a survey with Activity Messenger but are equally relevant if you use an alternative form builders like JotForm, Google Forms, Wufoo or SurveyMonkey

Sharing survey with campers and families

Strategic distribution is key to getting a lot of input once your camp feedback form is set up.

Activity Messenger generates a unique link for each form, making it easy to share on social media or via a QR code that can be placed at the pick up locations at your camp.

This makes it easy for campers and families to find and complete the form, ensuring their valuable feedback is heard from everyone.

Distribution Tactics:

Social media and QR codes: Use online platforms and onsite QR codes to make accessing the form effortless.
Direct messages: Send the link to the form via email or text message. Connect directly with your camper and families.

Sharing survey with campers and families


📌 Pro Tip: In my experience working with many summer camps, I’ve found that diversifying distribution methods – such as using social media, email or SMS, and placing QR codes at the pick-up location – significantly increases the volume of responses received.

Automate surveys to help capture camp experience

Activity Messenger allows you to schedule survey distribution at the end of the camp week.

Benefits of automation:

Optimized timing: Surveys are sent at the most appropriate time. This leads to higher engagement.
Streamlined process: Automation not only saves time. It also ensures consistent feedback collection.

End of camp survey email template


📌 Pro Tip: As an operator, gathering feedback is critical to me, but I often missed the ideal times to send out surveys. With the automation feature, I can set up feedback collection right as I’m organizing the upcoming camp sessions. Activity Messenger takes care of everything else. Now my main focus is to review the responses to make any necessary adjustments to our programs.


Analyzing the Data

Once you’ve collected feedback, it’s important to drill down into the data to make informed decisions for your camp.

Activity Messenger provides an analysis tool that allows you to sift through responses using various filters, such as camp activities or sessions.

How to analyze the data:

Filter and Categorize: Evaluate responses by specific camp activities or sessions to gain specific insights.
Identify Patterns: Look for recurring feedback to identify common challenges or successes.
Implement improvements: Use the insights you gather to make precise adjustments and improvements to your camp offerings.

Analyzing the Data from your dance feedback form


📌 Pro Tip: As our camps expanded and our team grew, it became imperative to take a closer look at how we’re doing and find ways to better support our staff to provide the best possible experience. We uncovered valuable insights that guided us to improve our programs and exceed expectations by carefully examining the feedback collected through surveys.


Camp Survey Template

Here is a Camp Survey template that was created using Activity Messenger. Test it out and see if you like it.

More tools for Summer Camps

Now that we looked at how you can create a summer camp survey, you might be looking to streamline more aspects of running your summer camp. Activity Messenger can help!

Replace your current Camp registration software (JackRabbit, Uplifter, IClassPro etc)

Summer Camp Software Platform
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Alternative to Jotform, SurveyMonkey, SmartWaiver & Mailchimp for summer camps!

Liability Waivers for Summer camps
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Camp Attendance tracking
Start of camp emails
Onboarding Seasonal Staff
Online medical forms for camps
Email Marketing for summer camps
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  1. Why are surveys important for summer camps? Surveys provide valuable feedback on camp programs to help identify strengths and areas for improvement, ensure camper safety, and increase overall satisfaction for future camp sessions.
  2. What types of surveys should summer camps conduct? Summer camps should conduct pre-camp surveys to understand expectations, mid-camp surveys to measure the ongoing experience, and post-camp surveys to gather overall feedback and suggestions.
  3. Who should be targeted with summer camp surveys? Target campers for their direct experience feedback, parents for their perspectives and concerns, and staff for insights into camp operations and environment.
  4. What are the key topics to cover in a summer camp survey? Focus on camp activities, safety protocols, staff interaction, accommodations and facilities, and overall camp experience to gather comprehensive feedback.
  5. How can summer camps ensure a high response rate to their surveys? Encourage responses by making surveys accessible, short, and engaging. Consider offering incentives such as future discounts or camp merchandise.
  6. What is the best timing for distributing summer camp surveys? Distribute pre-camp surveys shortly after registration, mid-camp surveys during the session for immediate feedback, and post-camp surveys immediately after camp ends. Automation tools for camps like Activity Messenger can help.
  7. How can summer camps utilize survey results effectively? Analyze feedback to identify trends, make informed decisions about program adjustments, and communicate changes to stakeholders to demonstrate responsiveness.
  8. What tools or platforms can assist in creating and distributing summer camp surveys? Use platforms like SurveyMonkey, Google Forms, Activity Messenger or Typeform because they’re easy to use, customize and analyze.
  9. How can summer camps address negative feedback received through surveys? To build trust and transparency, respond to negative feedback by acknowledging concerns, taking corrective action when necessary, and communicating improvements.
  10. What are the best practices for designing summer camp surveys? Design surveys that are clear, concise, logically structured, and that mix quantitative and qualitative questions so you can get the information you need.

Written by Olivier Rousseau Olivier is a kids sports programs owner who has been operating for over a decade with locations in Montreal, Quebec city & Ottawa. He also helps Gymnastics Club, Swim Schools and Dance Studios streamline their operations. He is the co-founder of Activity Messenger an online registration platform for the sports & leisure industry.

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