Event ticket sale: Canadian alternative to Eventbrite

Olivier Rousseau
2 August 2023 2 min read

When it comes to setting up an online ticketing system for your events, there are many platforms available. One of the most popular is Eventbrite. But, since 2019, a Canadian alternative has made its mark on the market: Activity Messenger.

In this article, we’ll compare Eventbrite and Activity Messenger, highlighting their similarities and differences.

Similarities between the two platforms:

  • Online ticket sales (QR code scanning)
  • Credit card payment
  • Customizable tickets
  • Simplicity

Differences? Activity Messenger:

  • Much lower per-ticket fees
  • Customer service in Canada
  • Data stored in Canada
  • Allows you to send SMS messages and newsletters
  • Can also replace MailChimp, Google forms and SurveyMonkey


Activity Messenger is also an alternative to Tututix and Ticketleap and can replace your class management such as JackRabbit, IClassPro and DanceStudioPro.



Online ticket sales (QR code scanning):

Both platforms offer online ticket sales. Attendees can purchase tickets and receive electronic tickets with a QR code. This QR code can be scanned at the event entrance to facilitate access control. Both platforms also allow tickets to be purchased at the door.

Payment by credit card:

Activity Messenger and Eventbrite both offer the option of processing credit card payments. This allows attendees to easily pay for their purchases online, offering a convenient and secure payment experience. A major difference is the much lower transaction fee with Activity Messenger (see below).

Customizable tickets:

Event organizers can easily customize tickets by adding their logo, images or other relevant information. Activity Messenger even integrates with Canva. This allows you to create professional tickets that represent your logo, brand or event well.


Both platforms have been designed to be user-friendly and accessible to all, and offer a simple interface for creating, managing and selling tickets online. Whether this is your first event with online ticketing or you’re an expert, you’ll find it easy to navigate both options.

Differences between Activity Messenger and Eventbrite

Fees per ticket

The biggest difference between different online ticketing platforms is the service fees. Here are the rates each platform charge per ticket sold. Activity Messenger offers a less expensive option for online ticketing.

Activity Messenger: 3.9% + $0.30 per ticket
Eventbrite: 6.4% + $1.29 per ticket
Tututix: 5% + $1 per ticket
Ticketleap: 7%  per ticket

Canadian-based customer service and bilingual platform

Activity Messenger sets itself apart by offering Canadian-based customer service to all event organizers. The platform is 100% bilingual (designed in Montreal), making it easy to communicate with both French and English speaking participants. EventBrite offers very little customer support, except for organizers of larger events.

Activity Messenger stores all your customer data in Canada, in compliance with Bill 25. This allows you to comply with Canadian data protection laws and regulations.

Send SMS and newsletters:

Another unique feature of Activity Messenger is the ability to send SMS messages and newsletters to your customers. Communications are customizable for each participant, allowing you to send reminders, updates and even a survey following your events. The platform can also replace Mailchimp or CyberImpact to promote your events to your subscribers.

Digital signature:

Unlike Eventbrite, Activity Messenger also lets you include a digital signature when purchasing tickets. Simply add a block with your conditions, disclaimers and refund policy, with the option of including the digital signature.

Comparison table

Activity Messenger Eventbrite
Simple to use
Payment by credit card
Customizable tickets
Bilingual platform
Canva et ChatGPT Integration
Canadian based
Ticket fees 3,9% + 0,30$  6,4% + 1,29$

Migrate your online ticketing to a Canadian platform

More and more small businesses and organisations are migrating their online ticketing software to a Canadian-based alternative.

By choosing Activity Messenger, you benefit from a platform that:


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Written by Olivier Rousseau Olivier is a Sportball Franchise owner who has been operating for over 10 years with locations in Montreal, Quebec city & Ottawa while also coaching business owners as Sports Marketing Consultant.

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