How to collect injury reports online

Olivier Rousseau
2 February 2023 2 min read

Collecting injury reports is a crucial task for most organizations in the Sports & Leisure industry. Pen & paper, google forms or pdf filler might not be the best option anymore.

In this article, we’ll discuss how federations, clubs and coaches are collecting injury reports online and increasing accuracy in tracking injuries.

Moving injury reports online can help organizations identify areas where safety protocols need improvement and take appropriate steps to protect athletes from injuries.

Why fillable pdf's don't work anymore

A major disadvantage of using PDFs is that you often require computer access to use them, which is not always readily available at the site of an injury.

It can be difficult (or impossible) to fill out & submit PDFs from iPhones or iPads. You might have to follow up by sending the picture and the PDF by email. This can make the process inefficient, prone to error and hard to track.

Furthermore, someone reporting an injury on a soccer field for example, will not have access to a computer. The paper versions might not be available at the field either. But almost everyone has a mobile-device.

A mobile responsive form can easily be completed, submitted quickly and automate notifications to the right people.

What should be included in an injury report

If you already have an injury report (paper, pdf, google forms), you can easily recreate all aspects of the form with the right software.

After dealing with many sport federations, we were able to compile a list of best practices for managing online injury reports.

An online incident report form can include:

  • Questions about the injury (people, reason, equipment etc)
  • Ability to upload images of the injury and/or equipment
  • Digital signatures from the witness/coach
  • Automated if/then notifications to the right person
  • Powerful analytics

How to encourage fast and accurate reporting of injuries

Faster and more accurate injury reporting is critical to create a safe and healthy environment for athletes. By providing an easy-to-use online system, federations, clubs and coaches help ensure that members are aware of the procedures and expectations for injury reporting.

As Nathan from Gymnastics BC told us:
“We are more likely to see higher compliance for waivers and injury reports now that we have created a frictionless, vetted and free online system for clubs”

Click here to read the success story

Additionally, moving your injury reports online can make it easier to keep accurate records and provide timely feedback of an incident.

This not only helps protect the organization from potential legal issues but also gives you the data to make better decisions when it comes to risk management.

Better communications = Better flow of information

One of the most important aspects of collecting injury reports for most federations and clubs, is the flow of information. Unfortunately, using pen and paper or fillable pdf’s makes it hard to communicate with everyone involved.

The flow of information can then become the biggest bottleneck in their injury report process. 

That’s where Activity Messenger kicks in.

Clubs and Federations using Activity Messenger are able to:

  • Share and fill out injury reports in multiples ways (Qr code, url link, website)
  • Make it easy to fill on mobile devices
  • Automatically send the final version to everyone involved
  • Automate SMS notification for more serious injuries (concussions or requires an ambulance)
  • Quickly follow up with a 360-view of the incident

How federations & clubs can streamline injury reports

Creating an injury form online for member clubs, athletes and parents can improve the flow of information and reduce the stress of filling out paperwork. The form should be easy to use and have the ability to collect secure injury reports with a smartphone.

Most federations we work with offer this service free of charge for member clubs so that they don’t add costs to their budget.

If you are looking to streamline injury reports, you can book a demo call to learn more about Activity Messenger

Written by Olivier Rousseau Olivier is a Sportball Franchise owner who has been operating for over 10 years with locations in Montreal, Quebec city & Ottawa while also coaching business owners as Sports Marketing Consultant.

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