Organization and brand information

An organization represents your business. It is the entity your participants associate with. In Activity Messenger you can manage multiple organizations.

Emails and landing pages are branded to your organization. You can access that via the Organization menu and choose Modify information.

You will land on a page with multiple tabs to manage your organization information, branding and social media links.

# General

On the information tab you will find these general settings:

  • Name: Your organization name. Will be used in communications with your participants.
  • Alias: Short name that appears in SMS messages. Max 20 characters.
  • Address: The address that appears in the footer of emails you send. This is required by the email laws of Canada and the USA.
  • URL of your website: Link placed on your logo in email headers.

# Messaging

You will also find messaging settings, specifically how to handle users responses to messages you send:

  • Reply to email: When a recipient receives an email, this is the address they will reply to. You can override this and use your own during a send out.
  • Reply to mobile: When a recipient receives an SMS, this is the number their reply will be forwarded to. You can override this and use your own during a send out.
  • SMS reply preference: The default action to take when a participant replies to a text message you sent. Choices are: forward to organization, forward to sender, auto-reply or do nothing (no reply). Note that you can override this per message.
  • SMS auto reply message

# Branding

We encourage you to set the proper background color and logo image to properly represent your brand. They will be used for the look of the header participants will see in emails and on landing pages.

The button color will be used for call to action buttons in emails.

# Social network links

Configure your social network links. They will appear in the footer of emails and landing pages. You can configure Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube and Vimeo.

If you configured Youtube or Vimeo, Activity Messenger will list public videos on the Media page, and make them available for you to send by SMS or email.

The footer of emails you sent is fully branded to your organization. The footer also contains important information for your recipients to reach you. These include:

  • Social media links. You can set those in the Social tab.
  • Copyright notice
  • Your organization name and a link to your webpage
  • Your organization address
  • A link for recipients to manage notifications and unsubscribe
  • A link to view the email in their browser

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