Organizing lists, forms and templates using tags

Tags allow you to organize Lists, Forms and Templates. You can for example create a tag "2020 Fall" and tag lists for that season. You can also tag Forms by sport. For example "Soccer" or "Flag". Then you can filter by tag to limit the number of items displayed.

# Assigning tags

Click on the item menu and select the Tags option. A popup opens allowing you to assign, create and even rename tags.

# Filtering by tag

Click on the Tags filter dropdown to limit the number of items displayed.

# Best practice: Tagging by season and by sport

We recommend you organize by season and by sport/type of activity. This will allow you to easily find items season after season. For example, create tags "2020 Fall", "Golf", "Flag" and "Soccer". Make sure to assign the season first and then the sport. The order in which you set tags is respected. This allows you to create a folder-like structure.

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