Staff profile and forms

Staff profile and forms are great ways to collect and centralize information securely. Staff profile and forms support these use cases:

  • Collect personal information for Payroll
  • Allow your staff to upload documents
  • Add Encrypted data
  • Electronic Signatures
  • Finalized PDF

Read our blog post to find out more. You can also view the Webinar we recorded to that effect.

If you have "Account owner" permission, you can manage your database of staff. The staff table columns can be customized to view important staff information at a quick glance. If you have lots of columns, click on the Full screen button.

Click on the Staff profile button. The Staff profile popup will allow you to define fields you want to capture. For example date of birth, gender, social insurance number (SIN or SSN in the USA), etc. Sensitive fields are encrypted in the database. You can drag and drop fields to reorder them.

Click on the Visible columns button to modify the table layout. The popup will allow you to pick columns from the Staff profile. You can also pick columns from any Staff form you have created.

# Staff forms

Using the powerful Activity Messenger forms, you can build your Staff forms. Use them for interviews, recruiting, onboarding, surveys, etc.

Using the Activity Messenger microsite, you can build a portal for your staff. Embed text, images, videos, PDF documents and forms. Checkout a live example of a Staff onboarding microsite.

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