Zoom recordings

If you record Zoom classes in order to send them to participants after the class, Activity Messenger can host your videos. You may then easily send them by SMS or email to participants.

If you record videos on the Zoom cloud, you can have them transfered easily on the Your videos page. They will become available in the Media manager.

If you record videos locally on your computer, you can upload them to Activity Messenger. Read the Your videos help section for instructions.

# Uploading a cloud recording

If you have existing videos in the Zoom cloud that you would like to upload to Activity Messenger, you can click on Upload from the Your videos tab in the Media manager. The upload popup will appear. Click on the Zoom cloud tab to see a list of Zoom cloud recordings. Select the recording to upload.

The name and date of recording will automatically be filled. You may trim the video and add a watermark as well.

# Sending a recording to participants

To send a Zoom recording, go to a class occurrence, select all participants and click on Send message. You will be sent to the New message page.

Choose to send by SMS, email or both. Notice the list of participants is already specified.

Click on "Use a template or attach a link, image or video" and select "Send a video". A popup appears listing your Zoom recordings. Choose the one in question.

Notice the subject and message will be prepopulated with the name and description of the video, respectively. Click on Send to send the video.

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