Mass texting for Soccer Academy - Send Bulk SMS

Olivier Rousseau
26 June 2024 Soccer 2 min read

In this article, we’ll look at how to send bulk SMS for soccer clubs and academies who want to improve their communication with players and parents.

Bulk SMS for Soccer Clubs

  1. How Mass texting can help communications
  2. How to send bulk SMS to soccer players
  3. Sending SMS to both Parents
  4. More tools for Soccer Academies


Activity Messenger is also a Soccer Academy Club Software that helps you streamline your registrations, email marketing and communications.

How Mass texting can help communications

Effective communication is essential for Soccer Clubs, especially when it comes to providing last-minute information such as canceled classes. SMS is an excellent way to make sure that important messages get seen by members right away. A text message goes straight to the member’s inbox and has a 98% open rate, unlike emails or phone calls that may be missed.

SMS text messaging can also play an important role in helping you to market your soccer academy.

SMS for soccer clubs

Examples of Use Cases

  • Class Cancellations: Notify players and parents of last-minute cancellations to avoid having to travel.
  • Schedule Changes: Notify staff and players of any changes in camp or academy schedule.
  • Camp surveys: Collect data on how players appreciated their week at your academies camp
  • Lesson reminders:  Send reminders a few days before the start of the soccer clinic with all the relevant information

How to send bulk SMS to soccer players

In Activity Messenger, navigate to the “Communications” tab and click on the “New Message” button.
This will take you to the communication portal, where you will have a choice of communication methods with your members or participants.

Select SMS for non-marketing messages:

Select SMS if the message is non-marketing. For example, if you need to cancel a class at the last minute, SMS is the way to go.

Select your recipients:

You can choose recipients from your classes or you can create a specific list of recipients. For example, if you need to cancel a soccer lesson or clinic, you can select everyone who’s registered in that group.

Send the message:

Draft your message. Use placeholders such as the parent’s first name and the student’s name to personalize it.
Click the “Send” button to send the text message to the selected recipients.

How to send bulk SMS to soccer players


Sending Text messages to both Parents

When you need to send a bulk SMS, select the relevant class or list of participants.

For important last minute communications like class cancellations, you’ll want to notify both parents.

Often parents are separated and one may be responsible for dropping off or picking up the child. Make sure that everyone is informed by sending the message to both.

Why Notify Both Parents

  • Shared responsibility: Make sure that both parents, especially in a separated family, are aware of any changes in the schedule.
  • Increased likelihood that the message will be seen: By sending it to both parents, it’s more likely that one of them at least will read your message.

Sending Text messages to both Parents

More tools for Soccer Clubs

Activity Messenger helps Tennis Clubs with more than simply sending bulk SMS to parents and members

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What is bulk SMS, and how can it benefit a Soccer club or Academy?

Bulk SMS allows soccer clubs to improve communications, update players, and increase engagement among players, parents, and staff by sending text messages.

How do soccer clubs set up a bulk SMS for their Academy?

Soccer clubs can set up bulk SMS by choosing a Soccer Academy Management Software like Activity Messenger, which has built-in bulk mass texting capabilities.

How can soccer clubs personalize bulk SMS messages?

To tailor messages to specific groups, clubs can use mail merge to insert recipient names, start date/time and segment their lists.

Can bulk SMS be integrated with other soccer club management tools?

Many bulk SMS services offer integrations with a soccer management software, but ideally you would use a platform that includes bulk SMS as a core feature like Activity Messenger.

Written by Olivier Rousseau Olivier is a kids sports programs owner who has been operating for over a decade with locations in Montreal, Quebec city & Ottawa. He also helps Gymnastics Club, Swim Schools and Dance Studios streamline their operations. He is the co-founder of Activity Messenger an online registration platform for the sports & leisure industry.

Start sending bulk SMS to your soccer players today!

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