Focus on people, not the paperwork!

Martin Drapeau
9 February 2022 2 min read

Onboarding new staff members shouldn’t be so time consuming. Collect and store all employment forms and contracts you require with digital signatures.

When onboarding a new staff member:

  • Collect employment contract with digital signatures
  • Confidentiality Agreement for employees to sign
  • Employees can upload specimen cheque, proof of vaccination, CPR certification or any other documents
  • Collect social insurance number with encrypted data
  • Create to a staff profile and checklist to keep track of everything

Collect personal information for Payroll

You need quite a lot of personal information to setup payroll.
Simplify the process with all the required placeholders in our forms.

Allow your staff to upload documents

You can ask your employees to upload documents or images:

Using their smartphone they can both take a picture of the documents and fill in the form at the same time. This is ideal to collect:

  • Specimen cheques
  • Vaccination status
  • CPR certification
  • Other certifications you may require

Add Encrypted data

Use the Encrypted data option in forms to safely collect Social Insurance Number or other sensitive information you may need from your employees.

Electronic Signatures

Use the Electronic signature question to ask your staff to sign any document your require for employment. You can also provide your signature on the form using the Admin signature question.

Finalized PDF

When the contract is finalized, a PDF gets generated and timestamped. It contains the signed contract. The PDF will be sent to your new employee by email and kept for your records.

Written by Martin Drapeau Martin is the former CTO of Amilia who for 6 years helped to build the company’s product, technology and team from 15 to 110 people.

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