Increase employee engagement with bulk SMS

Olivier Rousseau
23 March 2024 Employee Management 2 min read

In this article, we’ll discuss how to improve internal communications and increase employee engagement with Bulk SMS/Mass Texting to employees.

We’ll discuss:

How to send bulk SMS to your employees
Personnalized Bulk SMS to segmented lists of employees
How to Schedule bulk SMS to your staff
Send employee surveys and feedback forms via Mass Texting
More employee management tools

About the Author: I’m Olivier, co-founder of Activity Messenger, and I’ve experienced firsthand the challenges of maintaining clear and efficient communication with a staff of over 100 mostly part-time employees. That’s why we created a powerful tool that harnesses the often untapped potential of SMS for internal communication.

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How to send bulk SMS to your employees

Despite the widespread use of e-mail and instant messaging for communicating with employees, SMS text messaging remains a unique and under-utilized tool in the business context. It is an ideal medium for ensuring that critical messages are not only delivered, but read and acted upon in a timely manner due to its immediacy and high open rates.

Unlike email, which can get lost in cluttered inboxes, SMS messages are distinguished by their immediacy and accessibility.

This ensures that important updates, reminders and alerts are delivered efficiently.

How to send bulk SMS to your employees

Personnalized Bulk SMS to segmented lists of employees

Activity Messenger allows you to segment your list and personalize your outreach using mail merge. This helps you quickly send the right information to the right group of employees.

  • Segmented lists: Create lists based on departments, roles, or any other criteria to effectively tailor your communications.
  • Personalization: Use integrated mailmerge to address employees by name, making each message feel personal and relevant.
  • Customizable SMS Templates: Craft messages for various occasions, from reminders to urgent updates, using our easy-to-use templates.
  • Variable Integration: Automatically include event details, dates, and times to reduce manual input and errors.

You can create detailed lists based on specific criteria such as job function, location, or project teams. And by personalizing each message, you not only increase the relevance of each message, but also foster a sense of individual recognition and value among team members.

How to target segmented lists of employees with personnalized SMS

How to Schedule bulk SMS to your staff

Activity Messenger provides both instant and scheduled messaging options.

Instant delivery is critical for urgent communications, ensuring that important updates are delivered without delay.

Scheduled delivery is perfect for planned updates or reminders, ensuring that messages are sent at the most opportune time.

To complement this flexibility, strategic planning tools enable you to schedule a series of messages for ongoing reminders. This level of planning and scheduling capability is invaluable in helping you maintain a regular and effective flow of communication with your team.

SMS delivery options:


Schedule out bulk sms to employees

Send employee surveys and feedback forms via SMS

Create personalized text messages linked to employee surveys and feedback forms.

Once sent, recipients can access the survey from their mobile. Activity Messenger’s interface allows you to customize questions, include conditional logic, and make surveys anonymous.

Gain valuable insights with comprehensive analytics, track responses, and seamlessly export data to Excel. Share surveys via email, SMS, or social media while maintaining professional communication standards.

You can also schedule feedback forms to go out after an employee’s first 3, 6, and/or 12 months without human intervention. This allows you to simplify the process of collecting employee feedback, but still check in with employees on an ongoing basis to see how they are doing and collect important data.

Employee feedback form

More employee management tools

Activity Messenger offers suite of tools designed for various aspects of employee management and engagement.

  • Staff Management Portal: This feature streamlines the management of employee-related documents and processes, from contracts to timesheets, in a centralized, easily accessible system.
  • Customizable Forms: Design forms for diverse purposes, from event planning to staff document collection. Add unique fields for electronic signatures, document uploads, or specific queries.
  • Adaptable for Various Scenarios: Whether you are organizing an office party, conducting internal training, or collecting employee feedback, our platform can be customized to meet your specific communication and management needs.

Why Activity Messenger?

Our platform is not just a communication tool; it’s a comprehensive solution designed to meet the unique challenges and workflows of different organizations. Our goal is to bring a new level of efficiency and clarity to your communications and transform the way you engage with your team.

Written by Olivier Rousseau Olivier is a kids sports programs owner who has been operating for over a decade with locations in Montreal, Quebec city & Ottawa. He also helps Gymnastics Club, Swim Schools and Dance Studios streamline their operations. He is the co-founder of Activity Messenger an online registration platform for the sports & leisure industry.

Increase employee engagement with bulk SMS

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