How to use AI to market your Dance Studio

Olivier Rousseau
19 March 2024 Dance 2 min read

In this article, we’ll go over our 5 different ways to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to market your dance studio.

We’ll cover how to:

  1. Convert video/audio to blog with ChatGPT
  2. Improve Class Description
  3. Create Engaging Newsletters
  4. Levrage AI to produce Social Media Content
  5. Create welcome emails with AI
  6. Start-of-session email
  7. End of session email
  8. Build a survey using AI
  9. Create FAQ’s

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About the author: I’m Olivier, co-founder of Activity Messenger, a Class Management software for dance studios that incoproates AI. I also run a multi-franchise business dedicated to introducing sports to children aged 2-9 with over 100 employees. I use AI tools every day to help market both Activity Messenger and my kids program business.

10x content creation speed: Convert video/audio to blog with AI

You and your instructors aren’t just teachers; you’re sources of dance knowledge.
Plus, you usually love to talk about dance and are passionate about it.

If you or your staff can share your expertise through video/audio, you can use ChatGPT to transcribe and turn these nuggets of wisdom into engaging blog articles.

Prompt Ideas:

  • “Transform this video transcript into a blog post titled ‘5 Secrets to Mastering Your First Ballet Pointe Work,’ making it engaging and informative.”
  • “Develop a blog article from this interview with our hip-hop instructor, focusing on the cultural roots of hip-hop and its influence on modern dance.”

As a Dance Studio Owner, you’ll always want to add a local flavour to the article so you can attract the right potential clients from social media or search engines like google.

📌 Pro Tip: The first version won’t be great. You’ll need to cut sentences that don’t add value and use Deepl to edit and rewrite clearly, accurately and add context and experience that were not mentioned in the Audio/video version.

Improve Class Description with ChatGPT

Improve Class Description with ChatGPT

With AI, you can breathe new life into your class descriptions and make them more enticing. They can give you new ideas on how to sell your classes and make the whole process less time-consuming.

Dance registration software that integrates AI into their product like Activity Messenger, allows you to use AI to create different versions of your class description without ever leaving the platform.

Rewrite class descriptions, newsletters and social media posts

Prompt Ideas:

  • “Write a captivating description for our ‘Jazz Funk Fusion’ class, emphasizing the high-energy and fun atmosphere.”
  • “Describe our ‘Mindful Movement’ yoga-dance hybrid class, highlighting its benefits for both mental and physical health.”

Create Engaging Newsletters with AI

Create Engaging Newsletters with AI

AI can help create newsletters that are truly engaging. It’s about creating a dialogue, celebrating successes, and increasing retention session after session.

Prompt Ideas:

  • “Create a monthly newsletter segment featuring student stories and achievements, personalized to the reader’s interests.”
  • “Create a dynamic layout for showcasing upcoming events and performances at our studio. Include sections for event descriptions, dates, and special guest bios, and suggest engaging questions to encourage community participation.”
  • “Compile a list of dance tips and techniques focusing on a specific style featured in our studio this month. Provide brief explanations, visual aids, and how these tips can improve their practice and performance.

Email Marketing for Dance Studios

Once your newsletter is created and personalized, you can use Activity Messenger, an email marketing software designed specifically for dance studios, to send it to your dance community.

Create Social Media Content with AI

Create Social Media Content with AI

ChatGpt can help segment your audience and personalize content based on their interests, past participation, and feedback. Use AI to generate topic ideas, draft posts, and even suggest optimal posting times.

Prompt Ideas:

  • “Generate a series of Instagram posts for ‘Dance Tip Tuesdays,’ offering quick advice from our instructors.”
  • “Generate a fun and inclusive weekly dance challenge suitable for all skill levels. The challenge should encourage participation from our entire community, include easy-to-follow instructions, and suggest a unique hashtag for sharing their videos.”
  • “Suggest content ideas that offer a behind-the-scenes look at our dance studio’s daily operations. Ideas should include instructor insights, preparation for performances, and the camaraderie among dancers, aiming to showcase the studio’s vibrant atmosphere.”

Use AI-powered design tools to create eye-catching graphics and videos that can then used in your social media posts and newsletter.

📌 Pro Tip: AI is great for speeding up the content creation process. But you should always review and add a human touch to every piece of content you create for your dance studio.

Welcome emails template with AI

Once people sign up for your dance class, your marketing shouldn’t stop there. You want to reduce buyer’s remorse with a great welcome email, send the perfect reminder email, and send a timely end-of-session reminder to get them to sign up for the next session.

AI can help with all of this.

Create a Welcome/confirmation email using AI

A welcome email is crucial in reducing post purchase remorse. You’ll want an personnalized email that answers all post purchase FAQ, shows expertise with blog articles and sets expectations for what is to come.

Prompt Idea

“Draft a personalized welcome email for new parent and tot programs, including details about their first class and a message from their instructor. Include links to our blog article on how to help your child in their first dance class.

Create a start-of-session reminder email using AI

Create start-of-session reminder template that includes key details about the dance class like student names, class names, and session timings.

Activity Messenger gives you the versatility to send session start reminders via both email and SMS.

Prompt Ideas

“Draft a personalized end-of-session email for our dance class, including a call-to-action to sign up for next session and fill out a satisfaction survey.”

Start of dance session email reminder template

End-of-session reminder using AI

Automating an end-of-session reminder has been a total game changer for us. We send it 3 days before the last day of class, include a link to sign up for next session, a participation certificate and CTA to fill out a survey.

Best part? Activity Messenger automates this for us.

Prompt Ideas

“Draft a personalized welcome email for new parent and tot programs, including details about their first class and a message from their instructor. Include links to our blog article on how to help your child in their first dance class.

End of dance session email template


📌 Pro Tip: Non-marketing emails, such as the welcome, start and end of session emails, are actually an important part of our marketing strategy. Not only do they help us reduce buyer’s remorse, increase word-of-mouth, and retain more students season after season, they have also helped us reduce support and improve the customer journey.

Build a survey using AI

AI can build smarter surveys and help you gain deeper insights into what you can improve to better survey your dance community.

Create survey questions with AI to ensure questions are engaging, relevant, and structured in a way that encourages insightful responses. Use AI to analyze responses for trends and insights that can guide your studio’s offerings and improvements.

Prompt Ideas:

  • “Develop a survey to gauge interest in potential new dance styles or classes, with questions designed to understand preferences and schedules.”
  • “Create a feedback form for after workshops or special events, focusing on what participants enjoyed and what could be improved.”

Designing Your Dance Studio Survey in Canva

Add local FAQ's to your blog articles with AI

ChatGPT can help you identify common questions and concerns specific to your local community. This ensures your content is relevant to your ideal customer.

AI can be used to analyze local search trends and related social media discussions related, then generates a list of frequently asked questions that resonate with your audience.

Add FAQ’s at the bottom of you blog posts

Adding FAQ’s in your blog articles can be a great way to boost SEO rankings. Don’t forget to add local elements to make it easier to rank.

For example, a dance studio owner might enter:

“Identify popular dance-related questions in [your city] over the past month and generate concise, informative answers for a blog post.”

One of my favorite prompts after creating a blog article is to ask ChatGPT to create a good FAQ’s on that subject.

“I’m writing a blog post with a focus keyword of [enter focus keyword]. Make a list of 10 FAQs I should include in the article.

ChatGPt prompts for dance studios

I then follow up with:

“Now answer the above questions with 30-40 word answers. Be sure to include [your city] in the answers.

You’ll have to review the answers, but this will help you rank higher for each local related query on google.


📌 Pro Tip: The reason I limit the answers to 35-40 word answers if that gives the answer a better chance to rank as a Featured Snippet. These are answers that google shows above the search links.

More tools for Dance Studio Owners

Integrating AI into your marketing can help your studio reach new heights. But you’ll need a software platform that understands both the needs of dance studios and how AI plays an important role in their growth.

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Written by Olivier Rousseau Olivier is a kids sports programs owner who has been operating for over a decade with locations in Montreal, Quebec city & Ottawa. He also helps Gymnastics Club, Swim Schools and Dance Studios streamline their operations. He is the co-founder of Activity Messenger an online registration platform for the sports & leisure industry.

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