All-in-one solution for Birthday Parties

Martin Drapeau
31 March 2022 2 min read

You can now use Activity Messenger for every step of booking parties. Contracts, payments, guest list and marketing all-in-one easy to use system.

With Activity Messenger you can:

  • Automate an marketing email 6-8 weeks before the child’s date of birth
  • Create a party booking form with your availabilities
  • Take a deposit or full payment online
  • Pre-fill the contract with the client information
  • Finalize a guest list and easily track attendees
  • Collect digital liability waivers for the party

Take the guess work out of marketing your parties

Automate a marketing outreach to go out weeks before the child’s date of birth. With the right timing, your organizations is top of mind at the time parents are starting to plan – or should be – their child’s party.

1. Use the Birthday Marketing automation and select a list of participants.
2. Set the number of days before the child’s DOB you want the email to be sent out.

Create the perfect party email using our Canva integration and placeholders

Our party marketing automation allows you to reach parents at the right moment and be top of mind. Take it to next level by personalizing your email with placeholders for the parent and the child’s name. Show off your company’s one-of-a-kind brand and personality using our Canva integration.

Building a Booking & Contract Form for Parties

You can use Activity Messenger Payment Forms to create and manage Party bookings. We even have a sample form to help you get started.

With Payment Forms for bookings you can:

  • Create a rental contract with an invoice, conditions and capture electronic signatures
  • Pre-fill the contract with the client information
  • Send the contract to the client by email to complete the contract, sign and pay a deposit
  • Access the contract PDF and invoice

Price and Add-ons

Use the Invoice items E-Commerce question to charge your customer. Set your price and define add-ons with quantity ranges. Answers to that question will build the invoice on the fly.

Birthday Party Date(s)

Use the Date question to allow the client to propose dates for their birthday party. Or, you can preset a list of dates using the Date selection question. Either way, Activity Messenger will build a calendar for you with proposed and selected dates.

Electronic Signatures

Use the Electronic signature question to ask your client to seal the deal. You can also provide your signature on the form using the Admin signature question.

Pre-Fill a Contract

Once your contract form is ready, you can pre-fill it with information about your client. As an admin, you don’t have to fill all required fields. Send the contract by email and your client can complete the form and make their payment.

Online Deposit by Credit Card

You may ask for a deposit by credit card. Activity Messenger will track the account receivable for you.

Party Guest List Forms

A Party Guest List form allows you to collect information on who will be attending the party. You will then be able to easily track attendees and make sure everyone has signed their Liability Waiver.
Here is a sample Party Guest List form to help you get started.

Post-Party Marketing

Use the captured email addresses to market to other parents after the party. Offer them a discount to book their own party with you!

Now that covid seems to be behind us, parents are rushing back in droves to book a birthday for their child and there are more options than ever out there. We hope these tools will help you stand out and streamline your operations!

–Martin & Olivier

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